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What people say about Brighton Tutor...

"Sophie Hunter is an excellent tutor who really gets to know her pupils in order to meet their specific needs. Sophie helped both of my daughters with maths and English throughout years 5 and 6 and also prepared them for 11+ entrance exams. They both have quite different skills and abilities and Sophie worked brilliantly with them to understand what they each found challenging and to develop their knowledge and their interests. Most importantly, Sophie made sure that this was never dull and both girls always enjoyed going to her lessons. I would highly recommend Sophie as a KS2 tutor!"

HJ, parent. April 2022

"Sophie was highly recommended to us as a tutor by a friend at school. We were looking for longer term tutoring from Year 4 with a view to preparing for private school entrance exams and for my daughter to gain more of a stretch outside of school. Little did we know how invaluable Sophie’s input would be during Covid - the lessons helped motivate my daughter and were a great help when there was limited schooling. Sophie quickly built up a wonderful relationship with our daughter. Our daughter enjoyed the tutoring and was always keen to see Sophie. We are delighted our daughter not only got into her first choice school, but was awarded a Headmaster’s Award on the basis of what she achieved in the entrance exam. We can and have highly recommended Sophie and would be very happy to give references as required."

Trudi Ford-Hutchinson​, parent. March 2022.

"I couldn’t recommend Sophie enough! From day one, she made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. Sophie went over and above to support her, and always gave valuable and insightful feedback after each session. Not only did my daughter progress academically during her time with Sophie, but her confidence really blossomed." 

NA, parent. March 2022.

"Sophie tutored our daughter over 2 years to help her prepare for 11+ entrance exams. She made the sessions fun but also effective and well targeted. Sophie got to know our daughter very well so that she prepared lessons she would enjoy and look forward to." 

CT, parent. January 2022.

"Sophie has been fantastic for our daughter's confidence with Maths. She had always struggled with Maths and hated it. My daughter would go into panic mode whenever a new topic was introduced. The stress and tears were so bad, we knew we needed extra help. Sophie really helped my daughter to calm down and realise that if she kept practising and stayed calm she could understand it. She really enjoyed their lessons and Sophie’s calm patience. Suddenly she had someone who could explain things over and over again in different ways until she got the concept. The head of maths at my daughter's school was so impressed with the transformation that he asked for Sophie’s details! I am sure many people will go to Sophie to help their child move up a set or get a particular result; and I am sure she is very good at this. My daughter’s results certainly improved. However for us, the sign of success was that she no longer cried every time she had a maths lesson. She is now starting her GCSE’s feeling positive and (amazingly for us) really enjoying her Maths lessons."

Brighton parent. September 2020.

"I’m so glad my child had sessions with Sophie – she has been crucial in maintaining their confidence and positive attitude to learning throughout their time at Junior School. Sophie recognised their dyslexia and helped us get a proper diagnosis; she worked hard to improve their maths and literacy and they made great progress during their time with her. Over several months they completed an extended powerpoint project which allowed my child, and us, to see what they are capable of without the inevitable time pressures of the school environment. It was always a joy to pick them up from Sophie’s house – they’d come out smiling, calm and focused and quietly proud of their achievements that session."

SH, parent. September 2020.

"Sophie was recommended to us by our daughter's school, who held her in high regard for her results with children struggling in Maths and English, where they needed that extra help and support. Sophie’s classes made these subjects, which our daughter was no longer enjoying at school, interesting fun and engaging, which she responded very positively to with the rewarding result of not only ‘catching up’ in school but also boosting her confidence and self esteem as she begun achieving in these subjects. I could not recommend Sophie highly enough.

Mrs S Clements (Mum to 10 year old). September 2020.

"Sophie was very kind in fitting my daughter into her already very busy schedule. She provided tailored tutoring to my daughter's needs and helped with her confidence. She was flexible and accommodating. I would highly recommend Sophie."

Lisa (parent), February 2020. 

"We asked for Sophie’s help in Year 6, when it became clear that “something went missing” in Years 4 and 5. Because of Sophie’s professional help, our son has not only managed to jump up 2 sets in Year 7, but she has also given him the confidence not to be scared of Maths, homework and exams. We can very highly recommend Sophie to any parent worried about their child’s abilities. It’s definitely worth the investment! Our son is now at a very confident level in Year 8."

Anja (parent), December 2019.

"My daughter used to be very nervous about Maths (and particularly fractions) – and then she went to Sophie. After two terms she was so much more confident and SATs-ready! A ’thank you’ card she did for Sophie says it all: 'Thank you so much for teaching me. Now I know how to do maths (especially fractions and ratio) and English all because of you. You are funny, kind, helpful and a great tutor/person. Thank you so much for teaching me. You've taught me so much.'"

AY, parent and daughter, J. June 2019.

"Sophie is an excellent tutor who helps to build confidence and a deep understanding of key topics, in a really engaging and fun way. She worked with my daughter in preparation for 11+ entrance tests and interviews with great results. Sophie quickly identified how to stretch my daughter’s abilities and focus on weaker areas. We particularly appreciated the coaching for interview questions, as our daughter was reluctant to practice with us! I would highly recommend Sophie, as someone who can bring Year 6 learning to life. Thanks for all your help!"

Hanna, parent. June 2019.

"My daughter’s confidence with Maths has really improved since having Sophie as a tutor. She has gone from feeling very anxious about SATs to knowing she has the knowledge and ability to do well. I highly recommend Sophie as a Maths tutor."

Clare, parent. April 2019.

"Sophie has been a constant source of support for my son in year 6 to consolidate his maths learning. She uses brilliant games which are much more engaging than traditional teaching methods. She is kind, warm and positive, creating a lovely environment for my son to learn in. Thank you!" 

SC, parent. December 2018.

"Sophie managed to bring the joy back to learning for my son who was suffering from very low confidence at school. She managed to break the negative cycle my son was in, believing he was no good at maths and reading, with fun interactive games that grabbed his attention. He would always come out confident and happy and with a renewed belief in himself that he is capable of doing his school work. I’m very grateful to her for injecting confidence and fun into my son's learning again."

Natasha, parent. December 2018.

"Sophie tutored our son in literacy after a very difficult transition from Australia into the English education system. When he started with Sophie he had completely lost all confidence with his reading and writing and was constantly putting himself down about his school work. Sophie took the time to complete a detailed assessment and made a plan accordingly. Our son attended weekly sessions with great enthusiasm and little by little his confidence returned. Several teachers at school commented on the difference in his work, but what pleased us more than anything is that he managed to regain pride in his schoolwork. Thanks for everything Sophie, he’s going to miss you!"

Suzanne and Jess, parents. August 2018.

"Sophie has provided excellent tutoring support in English and Maths to our daughter. She tailored her sessions to ensure our daughter was suitably stretched and challenged. Sophie provided us with timely updates on our daughter’s progress, strengths and development areas, which was invaluable to us as parents. On a personal level, Sophie is incredibly friendly, approachable and engaging in her teaching style. We will all miss working with Sophie!"

Belle, parent. July 2018.

"Sophie tutored my daughter in Maths in the run up to her SATS. Sophie immediately helped her to feel at ease and used a number of different methods to help her engage. As a result we feel her confidence has noticeably increased both when completing her recent maths homework and in her attitude towards her exams. I highly recommend Sophie!"

Julie, parent. May 2018.

"Our year 4 son was lacking confidence and skills in Maths and we felt he needed some extra support to grasp the basics and catch up with his peers. Initially apprehensive and reluctant to go, he built a great relationship with Sophie and it was really noticeable how much he has come on. He says he really enjoyed spending time 1:1 with Sophie and in his own words, 'She is kind, helpful and supportive.'"

TM, parent. March 2018.

"Thank you so much for always understanding and teaching me so well! You have taught me so much and helped me get a lot better at maths. I am so happy I am finally not in the bottom set!!! All thanks to you."  

SB, Year 7, October 2017.

"Yes, the tuition has really helped S. I will definitely recommend you for children needing a maths boost. Her confidence has improved massively and she is even getting 100% in some tests."  

SB's parent. October 2017.

"Our son Cameron was tutored by Sophie throughout year 6, this was to give him a greater understanding of SATS papers. He had been very low in marks in previous years. Sophie worked wonders with Cameron, taking him through papers and giving him the confidence he needed to face SATS week head on and get great results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie and thank her for all of her hard work."

Wendy, parent. October 2017.

"Sophie taught our Yr 6 daughter in order to bring her up to the level needed for secondary school. She was calm, kind and patient and gave our daughter the confidence to tackle new problems in both Maths and English. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor."

Adele, parent. September 2017.

"Sophie stood out from the local tutor crowd as she had taken the initiative to create her own website and was therefore readily contactable without having to sign up to any tutor finding websites or forums. I was impressed with this entrepreneurial attitude, added to which she is a qualified & practising archaeologist, which further sealed the deal. Under Sophie's tuition, my daughter progressed from struggling in the lowest groups in both English and maths, to being comfortably in the middle groups - all in under a year. My daughter always came out of her lessons in a good mood and her self-confidence has grown tremendously under Sophie's guidance. Sophie is a very competent tutor that I highly recommend." 

Brighton parent, March 2017.

"Sophie is very nice, reliable, patient, flexible and professional. My daughter has really enjoyed working with Sophie and has learnt a lot. Sophie has helped her to pass a first entrance exam and will be helping her with maths and English for the second exams. I highly recommend Sophie."

Allison, parent. December 2016.

"I wanted additional support for my daughter to help prepare her for year 6 SATs. She really enjoyed tuition with Sophie - she was very happy to go to lessons and she improved her results in maths and English. Tuition with Sophie has also given her more confidence in her own ability."

Melissa Hopkins, parent. May 2016.

"My 9 year old son was really struggling to grasp Maths concepts in a large class of 30 and was dropped to the bottom group. Freddy's 1:1 sessions with Sophie have made a huge difference. Within a couple of months he's gone up two sets in maths and his confidence and capability have improved enormously. Sophie has a thorough understanding of each child's individual needs and also a great knowledge of national curriculum expectations and targets. Sophie ensures Maths lessons are both fun and constructive and as a result my son comes away with a real sense of achievement and pride. She also communicates very well with us, keeping us regularly informed on his progress. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone." 

Polly, parent. April 2016.

"Sophie tutored my 10 yr old daughter for a secondary school entrance exam. Sophie was great. My daughter loved her lessons from day one. She always came away happy and excited about what she had learned that day. Sophie provided a relaxed and varied learning environment which gave my daughter the confidence she needed to sit an exam. My daughter would have loved to continue with Sophie; however it didn't seem necessary as happily she passed the exam." 

Helen, parent. February 2016.

“Sophie has been a real find. Both my children (aged 10 & 8) were initially apprehensive about starting maths tutoring, but Sophie immediately put them at ease. Sophie took the time to understand their individual needs (from me and the children themselves) and both children respond really positively to their 1-to-1 sessions with her. Sophie has created a positive, trusting environment for them to learn. Sophie sets a good balance of creative and fun activities (they don’t always realise they’re learning!) which they both enjoy and they love the “star” reward system. Overall Sophie’s tutoring is highly recommended and complimentary to their primary school learning."

Kate, parent. July 2015.

"My daughter is now making real progress. Sophie is very approachable, patient and flexible in her approach to teaching. Would highly recommend (and my daughter has given her 10/10!)."

Claire, parent. May 2015.

"Sophie is a great teacher, very organised and great communicator. R has made steady progress under her guidance."

Tannaz, parent. May 2015.

"Sophie is an amazing tutor. My son was a very reluctant learner and school-attender and he has been completely turned around by Sophie’s patience and hard-work. She makes his learning really fun and tailored to his interests. He always comes away beaming and cried recently when we missed a session at half-term! I thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for Maths and English help for their children. She will make a significant and lasting difference straight away, and give your child’s learning the focus and attention it needs."

Clare, parent. March 2015.

"Sophie Hunter has been tutoring our daughter on a weekly basis for the past two years in maths and English. During this time, the progress our daughter has made has been considerable as she has been able to dedicate time to areas that she has struggled to grasp when in school. This has led to a growth in her confidence, both in school and at home. Our daughter always enjoys her lessons with Sophie and has never complained about the lessons, which shows that Sophie has mastered the delicate art of combing learning with fun. We have and will continue to recommend Sophie to our friends."

Rob and Jo, parents. March 2015.

"Our daughter used to struggle with maths at school but after just a few months of Sophie's patient guidance in a personal environment, she jumped two sets and won Star of the Week for her renewed confidence and ability. She loves her weekly sessions with Sophie, whether English or Maths."

Jeremy, parent. February 2015.

"Since starting with Sophie, my daughter's confidence in both maths and literacy has improved greatly. Sophie has been a very positive, encouraging and supportive teacher enabling my daughter to learn at her own pace whilst building upon her skills to improve her understanding. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone considering a tutor as her approach has been the nurturing and reassuring influence my daughter has needed to grow her confidence and ability."

Sharon, parent. February 2015.

"My daughter and I am very happy with Sophie's teaching. Sophie is very patient and excellent with kids. My daughter has gained more

confidence in maths and English."

Axija, parent. September 2014.

"Sophie we are very satisfied with the results you have achieved in this short time, your patience with J. and your daily hard work."

Photis, parent. 2013.

"Sophie is a very intelligent and eager teacher who has demonstrated a high level of commitment to her duties...She has always been punctual and has used her time effectively to plan engaging lessons, providing a range of resources to help children to access the learning."

School Experience Report, KS2. 2011.