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Art Competitions

Vision On The Gallery
Various (The Return of Cult Fiction)

Christmas 2020 'Winter Wonderland'

Sponsored and judged by Vinod of 'Bright News'

In support of homelessness charity 'Crisis' (

Charity chosen by winner: Altzheimer's Society (

Winner: HW. "This is amazing. Love at first sight."

Second place: EC

Third place: AC

Joint fourth: DW and MP

Runners up: DM, EG, IR and AP.

'I Heart Halloween'

Autumn Half Term 2020

In support of Royal Papworth Hospital

Charity chosen by winner: 'Chomp', A Brighton-based charity providing meals to children in need during the school holidays.

Judged by LC, Year 2 teacher (BA Illustration)

Overall Winner: NH and CH

Judge's comments: 'Ah - that's amazing! I very much like the silhouette effect. I love the background and that it's not just one colour; a good use of red and yellow tones. I love that the only other colour is black and that it's the black that makes the picture, as opposed to the colour. I like the detail in the tree, with the branches and twigs. It's interesting but also creepy. I like how the pumpkins have different expressions - it makes me wonder what else is happening in the setting, as there are no characters or other life. A good use of mixed media, with a nice use of ink and watercolour paint.'

Most carefully executed: RFH

Judge's comments: 'Whoever drew this obviously took a lot of time and care. The checks are so accurately drawn and perfect. I can imagine you really had to concentrate to make sure to fill in each square with the correct colour. A nice theme - very recognisable to the Harry Potter connoisseur. The snitch is interesting, as it could also represent a pumpkin or a sun; very thoughtful. The symmetry used makes it a joy to look at. It has a nice, positive feel - not too scary, but quite Halloween-y. I wonder if the artist is a Harry Potter fan - I'm assuming they may well be!'

Happiest and most fitting to theme: DW

Judge's comments: 'Ahh, this is cute. It makes me smile straight away. It shows a different angle of Halloween - the reality of it. There's lots to look at and find. Real time and care has obviously been taken over composing it. It contains many different representations of Halloween. A very good idea.'

Scariest: SC

Judge's comments: 'Amazing! The colours suggest love and warmth - the pink knife, the red writing and the blood. The blood relates to the heart, which links to love and actual blood. Very sinister. Makes me wonder what on earth has happened. Very clever and very dark, whilst being light at the same time. Reminds me of a film poster. I also like the printer paper chosen, as it adds to the professionalism.'

Most creative: AC

Judge's comments: 'I like that it's completely different. I like that all of the pumpkins have different faces, yet they all have the same shapes for the body and the stems. An imaginative way to do the task. Taste testing would really be the only way to fully appreciate this art, meaning a whole new way to judge this different art form!'

Runner up: DM

Judge's comments: 'First of all, I like the frame, and that the character actually comes out of the frame. It makes it feel interactive. I like that this piece has a foreground, background and distanced aspect. They have filled the whole page well. A missed opportunity could be to have had more detail in the castle and witch. The main subject is very amusing, but also quite scary, which fits in very well with the theme of 'I heart Halloween'. A good use of mixed media, using both pencil and pen. Lovely bright colours and the main character is well proportioned. The use of red in the eyes is very creative and effective.'

Runner up: KR

Judge's comments: 'Firstly, what draws me in is that the clock has a face and a smile. There is lots to find in the picture - as you look around, you can find lots of different things, like the zombie hands, gravestones and little devils. The artist has made good use of mixed media - pencil, felt tip and pen. It's all monochrome, but with orange-yellow that pops out, which makes the lightning much more dramatic. I also like the different layers and that there's something in the near foreground. This gives a definite spatial coolness to the piece.'

Runner up: EG

Judge's comments: 'The subject of this piece is very well proportioned, and I like that it's set within a frame. I like the idea of using a portrait to represent Halloween. I wonder whether the character in the drawing is based upon someone the artist loves, in a representative sort of way to fit in with the theme. I like that it's in black and white, but a missed opportunity could have been to use shading to add more detail.'

Runner up: FR

Judge's comments: 'I like this because there's lots to look at and it represents many different elements of Halloween. I really like the scary-looking blue hand because you don't see everything and it makes me wonder where it comes from and what the rest of the creature looks like. I also like the skull, as it looks like a ghost skull. The horror hand coming out of the TV screen is very clever. A collection of clever representations overall. Because the pumpkin is happy, this makes it a happy picture. This has been carefully put together and has obviously taken time. Well done.'

Runner up: EC

Judge's comments: 'I like the colours a lot - very Halloween-y. I like the blue flowers as they are non-traditional and they set off the rest of the colours and bring a little something extra. The pumpkin being so happy makes me happy. I also like the symmetry. I like the very bright colours and the way the picture is mounted on a colour background. Professional tip: great to use pencil first, but don't forget to rub it out afterwards. This will make sure things like the spider's web stand out clearly.'

Runner up: IR

Judge's comments: 'This is interesting. I am curious about the ghost character, his expression and eyes. I am wondering whether there is a person underneath or whether it's an actual ghost. The use of yellow inside the pumpkin is very clever, as it makes the pumpkin look lit up. It's an interesting feature to have inside the pumpkin. I like that there are two Halloween aspects - the ghost and the pumpkin. Also, I like the mixed media use of both pencil and felt tip.'

Lockdown Art Competitions 2020

Sponsored by 'Bright News'

(the friendliest convenience store in town)

Judge: Vinod Mashru of 'Bright News'

12th July 2020


In support of 'The Childhood Trust'

Charity chosen by winner: 'RSPB'

First place:

Joint second:

Joint third:

Joint fourth:

Photography winners:

Runners up:

28th June 2020

'Fantasy Home'

In support of 'Childline'

Charity chosen by winner: Welsh children's hospice, 'Ty Hafan'  

First place:

Joint second:

Third place:

Fourth place:

Runners up:

14th June 2020


In support of domestic abuse charity, 'Refuge'

Charities chosen by winners: 'Refuge' and Worldwide Fund for Nature

Joint First:

Joint Second:

Joint Third:

Runners Up:

31st May 2020

'Under the Sea'

In support of food poverty charity, 'The Trussell Trust'

Charity chosen by winner: Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Winning entries:

Runners up:

17th May 2020


In support of children's mental health charity 'Young Minds'

Charity chosen by winner: Worldwide Fund for Nature

Winning Entries:

Runners up:

3rd May 2020


Winning Entries:

Runners up: